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About Us

Hi, I’m Jonathan Mueller and I believe that businesses don’t grow, PEOPLE grow. And people, in turn, grow their business. I started this pod to democratize access to the best business advice for owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) field.

I have conversations every week with iconic names who provide deep insights about running a successful ABA practice. Only have time to listen to one thing? Check out the “Stop/Start” segment of every episode in which my guests share one thing ABA business owners should START doing, and one thing they should STOP doing.

I’ve spent more than a decade of my life in the field, including as Co-Founder and Co-CEO of two autism services businesses: Ascend Behavior Partners and Element RCM. I love sharing everything that I’ve learned (and everything that I’ve failed at!). Because I believe in paying it forward.

Thank you for listening!

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