Licensure Support

The Problem:

You’ve recruited a BCBA from out-of-state (or perhaps you’ve promoted a BCBA who just passed their exam and is ready for a caseload). You’re ready to meaningfully reduce your waitlist: parents in desperate need of services are calling you every day asking for an update. You need to get your new BCBA licensed as quickly as possible but there’s a mound of paperwork required and you don’t know where to start. The phone rings and you’re not sure if it’s your new BCBA telling you licensure has been delayed or if it’s a family asking you to commit to an assessment date …

The Element Solution:

When your newly hired BCBA is ready to start new clients on a life-changing journey you can’t afford licensure delays. Your clients can’t afford it either.

Don’t risk practicing without a license and don’t leave licensure to chance. We are your trusted partner in the complex world of licensure.

Does Your State Have Behavior Analyst Licensure Requirements?

Licensure can be a dizzying array of state rules, regulations and contacts that feel like they change month-to-month, particularly during COVID. Questions that frequently arise include:
  • How long does licensure take?
  • Is there reciprocity if the BCBA has licensure from another state?
  • Is there a fast-track process? What if families are in desperate need of services?
  • Can a BCBA practice without a license?
  • Is a rendering provider/supplier model allowed?
  • As an ABA practice owner, how much should I expect a
  • BCBA to be responsible for vs. what I’m responsible for in the application?
  • Who should cover licensure fees?
  • What if documentation is required that a BCBA no longer has access to?
  • Will a blemish on the BCBA’s record count against them for licensure?
  • Can a “no-licensure” decision be appealed?
And much more. You don’t have time to research Behavior Analyst licensure requirements and arcane case law. You focus on serving children with autism, we’ll do the rest.
Map Source: Behavior Analyst Certification Board, 2021