Provider Contracting & Credentialing

The Foundation for Your Successful ABA Practice.

We don’t antagonize insurance companies, we partner with them… in your best interests.

“Garbage in, garbage out.” The key to successful billing starts well before an actual claim is submitted: signing the right contracts, obtaining appropriate contract documentation, ensuring up-to-date contract terms, provider credentialing and on-going attestation (including CAQH). If those don’t happen, cash collection doesn’t happen. Element manages your upstream contracting and credentialing so you see downstream cash in your bank.

Speed matters in ABA contracting and in credentialing your providers. It takes relentless follow-up with insurance companies to make it happen: precious time that you don’t have (we refer to it as being a ”kind pain in the neck.“). Don’t delay getting in-network for your commercial insurance plans, state Medicaid, managed Medicaid plans, school contracts, waiver programs and more. Because children with autism don’t deserve service delays.

Taking you from this

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Want to negotiate higher reimbursement rates?

It all starts by building responsive relationships with your payers.

We’ll conduct a Rate Assessment & Prioritization Plan across all your payers for your adaptive behavior CPT Codes (97151, 97152, 97153, 97154, 97155, 97156, 97157, 97158) and any other mental health billing codes you use. We’ll match that to your historical insurance company billed amounts to prioritize payer negotiations that will have the most impact on your bottom line and on your ability to provide high quality services.

We’ll help you set up formal reporting, communication and feedback loops with your payers so you can help them understand the quality of your services and your importance to their network.