Is there a recipe for profound customer experiences?

Yes … and no.  

Best practices informed by research? Yes.  

Guidelines that any organization – including ABA providers – can follow?  Yes.  

A detailed task analysis that can be copied from someone else?  No.

One-off gimmicks, hacks or shortcuts? No. 

Like many things in life, exceptional customer experience is a little bit of art and science.  

This book, The Power of Moments, changed my life. It served as a roadmap to creating customer experiences (Cx’s) at Element and other organizations that I’m a part of. Cx requires (spoiler alert):

  • Investment in “peak” moments (sensory appeal, raise the stakes, break the script)
  • Intentional “responsive relationship” building (tons of active listening to your customers)
  • Building a culture of it (on-going story-telling & celebrating wins to create buy-in and shared purpose across your entire team)

There’s no short-cut to greatness (if there was I’d be shortstop for a major league baseball team… or a gold-medalist in big mountain free skiing).

The book belongs in the top five greatest organizational behavior management books, IMHO*. (to qualify as an “OBM” book requires a book’s recommendations to be underpinned by research – in contrast to the gazillions of “business” books out there). Heath brothers are geniuses when it comes to research-informed customer experiences. Consider the this quote: “Beware the soul-sucking force of reasonableness.” (cue: goosebumps)

Check out the video to sprinkle a little inspiration into your day.

When you choose your next revenue cycle partner – or any vendor – ask them this question: “may I speak with one of your front-line team members to understand your company’s customer experience?” 

Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Put some kindness into the world,


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